Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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Our Team

Our Team

Ajanta Sinha Roy

Director Vidya.Com

She is the driving force of the company and the driving force for her is to bring the best for her students. An academician by profession, she is passionate about education and wants her students to make the most out of their potential. She has the ideology that the world is shrinking everyday and we must make the maximum utilization of this for our own benefit and this is what she instills in her students. Working tirelessly day and night she brings to the students of Vidya, the best from around the world tailor made just for them. She wants to make sure that ‘You name it and we have it!'.

Sutapa Roy

General Manager Vidya.Com

One of our oldest team members. She has been counselling students and under her expert guidance students have achieved laurels that they deserved. Having already worked in one of the best private banks and in an administrative role at a CBSE school, she understands both the need of economic growth along with the holistic growth of an individual. She has a high rate of satisfaction with her students, with who she deals with a firm, fiery drive and aimed manner, making sure that they get the best of what is there to offer.

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Sonali Sarkar

Marketing Head

Being efficient in Marketing & Communication skills, she holds full responsibility for all marketing & communication matters. Having been working for several years in the marketing department of various renowned companies, she effectively monitors the entire marketing department. She makes sure that the duties assigned are duly accomplished on time with utmost perfection. She has been counselling students in an excellent manner, in due course she strives to remain precise towards her students & is always ready to forward her helping hands to them.

Meghna Roy

Academic Counselor Vidya

One of the youngest team member's, her dedication and zeal for work is indeed admirable. Hand in hand along with pursuing her graduation she also ensures the well being of her students. Having being adroit with words and proficient in the field of literature she never fails to put it forth towards her work.

Sharmistha Chakroborty

Academic Counselor Vidya

Having been worked in educational background and as a medical counselor in renowned Hospital’s for several years, she has the perfect knowledge about students. She never fails to take care of her students in every possible way she can. Nevertheless along with being dedicated towards her work, she hand in helps her students with their needs and queries.

Paulami Tarafder

Academic Counselor Vidya

Being one of the passionate and student friendly counselor’s, she strives to remain committed to her students and work. She has been working in one of the duly renowned private banking sectors and also in one of the education providing institutions. Having worked in the diverse sectors, she knows the best way to safeguard the interest of the students benefiting them in their future development.

Aishwarya Das

Academic Counselor Vidya

She is one amongst the liveliest counselor of our vidya team. Having been graduated recently she never fails to put her utmost effort in her work and takes care of her students in an effective manner. Her astute towards the field of digital marketing is extremely commendable.

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