Our Counselor

Sorry for the inconvenience. But to find the details about this college and the courses offered, you need to connect with one of the below counsellors who can provide you the indepth information. You can call any of the counsellor with their associated phone number or Register at the website https://www.yesvidya.com/register to get immediate response. Else fill up the Enquiry form https://www.yesvidya.com/enquiry and somebody will get back to you soon. Honestly speaking you can save a lot of time by speaking directly with one of our counsellor than trying to do your own research on this college and the courses offered. We do not charge for any counselling. Also the counsellors have more comprehensive knowledge to answer all your questions and suggest you alternatives too which might be more suited to your budget and need. They will be able to point you to the right direction.

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Ajanta Sinha Roy

Director and Chief Counsellor

Ajanta is not only the Director of Vidya.Com Consultancy Pvt. Ltd but she is also the Chief Counsellor because of her vast knowledge. She manages the Regional Head Counsellors and provides her expert advice as needed. A student can reach her any time, any day in case urgently needed. She is always able to address the concern of the students, make the right decision for them and put him/her at ease.

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Sutapa Roy

Head Counsellor Pacific Region

Sutapa Roy is the Head Counsellor of the region which includes Australia and New Zealand and South Korea, Malaysia. She has a high rate of satisfaction with her students, with whomAn she deals with a firm, fiery drive and aimed manner, making sure that they get the best of what is there to offer. Any student interested in those countries can get any information from her. Like other Vidya.com's Counsellor she is always available to take calls.

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Susmita Mukherjee

Business Devl Mngr & Offshore Coordinator

Susmita is the most hard working employee of Vidya.Com. She is a fast learner and open to perform any kind of official work. She is very sincere and does her work promptly. She has been responsible for bringing in new collaboration of Vidya.com with many esteemd Universities across the globe.