Our Team

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Ajanta Sinha Roy

Director of Vidya.Com Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

She is the driving force of the company and the driving force for her is to bring the best for her students. An academician by profession, she is passionate about education and wants her students to make the most out of their potential. She has the ideology education has no boundaries  and aspiritations has no barriers and this is what she instills in her students. Working tirelessly day and night she brings to the students of Vidya.com, the best educational opportunities from around the world, tailor made just for them. She wants to make sure and gives true meaning to  Vidya.com's  mission ‘You name it and we have it!'.

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Colonel Pradip Sinha Roy

Director of Vidya.com Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Director Pradip Sinha Roy is an ex-Army Officer Colonel and a graduate of the reputed IIM-Ahmedabad.  Being  ex-Army Officer he manages the organization with firm discipline, transparency and ethical code of conduct; ensuring that student satisfaction is always our primary goal rather than focusing on our competitors. He is a successful corporate executive also and serves as a Senior General Manager in a big multinational company. But creating a bright future for the students remains his passion.

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Sandeep Sarkar

Partner and Technology Advisor

Sandeep is a citizen of USA and based out of Colorado, USA. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the  reputed University Of Colorado. Though professionaly he is a Senior Software Engineer, he has diverse business interests both in USA and abroad. He is a successful real estate developer and  has created his own software product. He is the head of Vidya.com's US operation. Sandeep is also  big into philanthropy.

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Sutapa Roy

General Manager & Academic Counselor Vidya.Com.

One of our oldest team members. She has been counselling students and under her expert guidance students have achieved laurels that they deserved. Having already worked in one of the best private banks and in an administrative role at a CBSE school, she understands both the need of economic growth along with the holistic growth of an individual. She has a high rate of satisfaction with her students, with who she deals with a firm, fiery drive and aimed manner, making sure that they get the best of what is there to offer.

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Sonali Sarkar

Marketing Head & Academic Counselor Vidya.com

Being efficient in Marketing & Communication skills, she holds full responsibility for all marketing & communication matters. Having been working for several years in the marketing department of various renowned companies, she effectively monitors the entire marketing department. She makes sure that the duties assigned are duly accomplished on time with utmost perfection. She has been counselling students in an excellent manner, in due course she strives to remain precise towards her students & is always ready to forward her helping hands to them.

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Damini Ghosh

Student Coordinator & Backoffice Processor

Damini is an upcoming star performer at  Vidya Resource Centre's back office. She is hard working and a fast learner and has taken over the additional responsibilty to follow-up with the students. Because of her well mannered  and soft spoken nature, students feel comfortable working with her. Already a graduate in Classical Arts, now  she is pursuing a bachelors degree with English Honors also.

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Sanchita Das

Senior Counsellor & Team Lead

Sanchita Das is a Senior Counsellor & Team Lead. She is in fact one of the senior employees of the Company. She has a very sweet disposition which manifests in her pleasant conversattion with the student. She is able to manage the entire processing needed for a student to go abroad. She is soft spoken but determined. She always tries to give her students the best choices for studying abroad.

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Susmita Mukherjee

Business Devl Mngr & Offshore Coordinator

Susmita is the most hard working employee of Vidya.Com. She is a fast learner and open to perform any kind of official work. She is very sincere and does her work promptly. She has been responsible for bringing in new collaboration of Vidya.com with many esteemd Universities across the globe.

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Vandana Surani

Counsellor and Associate Manager

Vandana is from Gujarat and is stationed in Jamnagar.  She already had strong experience working in Study Abroad Consulting Companies before. In Vidya.com she is responsible for most of the Western region students call handling and processing. Besides this is responsible for Associates Development where the partner associate wants to send students through Vidya.coms vast netweork of Universties affiliation. She has become an excellent counsellof

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Maria Sneha Xavier


Maria Sneha is based now out of Kerala. She has a good command over her both languages and is able to convince students for going abroad. She is gaining experience on call handling and processing. With her strong  work ethics she should do good in this field. 

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Ajay Shaw

Accounts Officer

Ajay is a very sincere person. He has got very good accounting skills even at this young age. He is very thorough in his work and has attention for details. He manages Vidya.com's accounting work both inside and outside  the company. He has very good potential to achieve extraordinary things. One day his dedication and hard work will take him to the top of his professional line. 

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Poulomy Chowdhury


Poulomy is very young  but has a dashing and pleasing personality. She shows a lot of confidence dealiing with the students which beliies her age. She is very good with social media promotions too. Her aim is to rise through the ranks fast and prove herself soon as a leader