Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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Why Study in Usa

The American Universities are famous for their research and teaching quality. International students by and large prefer America as their preferred choice of destination for education. It is possibly the most flexible and versatile higher education system for international students across the globe. A total of about 30% of all the international students are currently studying in USA.

The reason why USA is so popular as a destination for education is because it has one of the the finest education systems in the world with excellent programs in varied disciplines. There are outstanding program options which are available in both professional fields and conventional subjects.

Students at Ph.D. and Master’s level both regularly get opportunity for working and learning with some of the world’s finest researchers. The US qualifications are recognized globally across the world. There is a lot that the higher education system in US offers. There is equal emphasis that is given to practical as well as theoretical to ensure that employment related skills are enhanced. There are also a lot of amazing and unique programs that are available with the universities in USA. There is flexibility in the higher education system in the US, there are various courses choices that are there within a program and the opportunity to be able to change the major or opt for multiple specializations. You can tailor programs in the advanced stages of graduate programs for meeting specific career aspirations or at the graduate level you can make a timetable that is comfortable for you you and complete the course credits at a pace of your liking. There are various support systems in USA for international students.

Cities to Study In

Why study in New York

As a foreign student if you are deciding on choosing New York are your destination, you are not alone. Not only are the universities here serving one of the largest population of international students, but the city itself has a long history of attracting immigrants from all over the world. The fact that the city has quite a large number of immigrants means that the environment and the social life is based on different backgrounds, languages, cultures and histories of harmonial living. So as an international if you are anxious about your move to another city, you will find that you will fit perfectly well in a city as cosmopolitan as New York. When you are searching for colleges the best of the schools are housed in New York thereby giving you a lot of advantage in the job market. Almost all the universities, both public and private in New York city fall within the top 10 or 20 schools in the U.S. and have been on the forefront of innovation, research and student success.

One of the major aspects of getting a college education is to be able to attain a successful career. The other is the opportunity of networking. Networking means the ability to construe a series of connections that are personal. This network of people can eventually help you with attaining milestones that you have set up for yourself, providing with references, and opportunities in a competitive world of today. New York provides you the opportunity to form an extensive network for yourself that will prove advantageous to you throughout your career trajectory. The other advantage of New York is the fact that it has great infrastructure. There are no issues of commutation as the public transport system is very efficient and getting to class or your internships will not be a very big hassle.

Berkeley College

New York Film Academy

New York Institute of Technology

Why study in California

California due to its history and cultural heritage is one of the most diverse states in America. About 43% of the residents of California speak a language at home that is not English. The Chinese, South Koreans and Indians forms one of the highest international student percentage in California. The Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, the Mojave Desert, Sequoia National Park and the Golden Gate Bridge are the great tourist attraction that can be found here. There are plenty of opportunities to be able to enjoy the natural beauty of California. California is also the ideal location for creative international students whether it is in the are of art, music, film or drama. The state provides you with immense opportunities to explore your talents and even to pursue them as your career. ‘Eureka’ is the state motto of California and when you are in the world renowned silicon valley, you will know why. Some of the most pioneering tech companies in the world HQs can be found here, this includes Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Adobe. It also forms the epicentre for the smaller start-ups. It is the hub for job opportunities for international students graduating. If your choice of education and career path is environmental science and renewable energy, California is a great place to begin. It is the home to some of the largest solar electricity plants in the world and if the new legislation is passed the trend is only going to become stronger. With its ambitious plans of producing 50% of the energy of the world by way of renewable sources by 2030, this state will provide you with the experience and opportunity that you need. The weather in California is also not very harsh and it experiences a good amount of sunny weather.

California State University

Golden Gate University

New York Film Academy

NorthWestern Polytechnic University

Why study in Ohio

The cost of living in Ohio is relatively low. International students who are interested in studying here, count this as a benefit the potential of having an increased amount of expendable income.International students who live here can enjoy a lifestyle that is active and productive. The significant number of technical and professional specialities that are available here is of a great advantage to the international students. The Kent State university is one of the most renowned university offer a degree in Architecture and Environmental Design. The climate of Ohio is humid and continental, for the most part it is therefore a decent climate for most of the international students. With a moderately warm and humid summer month and a typically cold winter month.

American National University

Kent State University

The University Of Toledo ( Undergraduate Programs Only )

Wright State University

Why study in Kansas

There are more than 50 public and private institutions that you can choose from to study in Kansas. There more that 7,623 international students who are residing currently in Kansas. There are many reasons why international students are choosing Kansas as their state to study in US. The fact that Kansas schools have been ranked very highly in national surveys for their overall educational value and graduate programs. There are a plethora of options for the international students who are studying in Kansas. The University of Kansas is the largest school in the state with 30,004 enrolled students at its different campuses. Out of this abou 6% of them are international students. There are about 2,093 students from 109 different countries. KU has also been ranked as number one in many different areas. Other than KU, schools like Pittsburg State University are also very highly recognized in the state.

Kansas is home to diverse groups of people. There are many ethnicities that reside in the are which include Caucasians, African Americans, American Indians, Hispanics, and Asians. This multiculturalism makes the studying experience in Kansas a completely unique experience. The economy of Kansas depends on agriculture, natural gas, and oil production. The largest city in Wichita is Kansas in terms of land area and population and land area. There are many attractions in the city such as Kansas Aviation Museum, Botanica Gardens, Museum of the World Treasures and the Sedgwick County Zoo. Topeka is the capital of Kansas and is located in the eastern side of the state. Whether an international student in Kansas prefers a large busy campus or a smaller intimate college setting, the state has an option for everyone. With a large, diverse population and plentiful historic sites, festivals, and attractions, this Midwestern state offers a unique cultural experience to the international students who choose to study in Kansas.

Pittsburg State University

University of Kansas

Wichita State University

Why study in Nebraska

Lincoln, Nebraska
Being the capital of the state and second in size, Lincoln is well-developed and is rich in job opportunities. In fact, Lincoln was even ranked No. 1 on NerdWallet’s Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2015. It tops the list due to its low unemployment (only 2.7% as of May 2018!), as well as its low housing costs and large employers.
If you live in Lincoln, going to the Nebraska Cornhuskers football games are a pretty big deal. Part of the Big Ten, the Cornhuskers have claimed 46 conference championships and 5 national championships. This victorious football team belongs to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which is the oldest and largest university in Nebraska, as well as one of the biggest employers in Lincoln.
Looking for a delicious restaurant or a unique shopping experience? Check out Haymarket District! Filled with dining, shopping, arts, culture, service and entertainment businesses, this area is buzzing with excitement and activity. It is located among restored turn-of-the-century warehouses and even includes the first microbrewery in Nebraska.

Nebraska City, Nebraska
In 1872, one million trees were planted in Nebraska City, making it America’s first Arbor Day. Since then, the holiday has been celebrated year-round. Bask in the fresh air and enjoy nature at Arbor Day Farm, a 260-acre National Historic Landmark where “inspiration comes naturally.” Activities and attractions include: Tree Adventure, Discovery Ride, and Apple House Market.
One of the best ways to experience Nebraska’s beautiful trees and other scenery is on a bike, and Nebraska City is the perfect destination for cyclists. Enjoy 21 miles of trail along the Missouri River on the Steamboat Trace Bicycle Trail, an abandoned railroad corridor.

Papillion, Nebraska
A suburb of Omaha, Papillion repeatedly tops the list on CNN Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live. Great schools, plentiful jobs, affordable housing and a vibrant downtown is what earns it this title. Even Miss USA 2018, Sarah Rose Summers, grew up in Papillion, becoming the first woman from Nebraska to win.
Papillion is also home to Nebraska Brewing Company, a provider of quality craft beers and artisanal barrel-aged products, making it easy to have an exceptional happy hour in this beautiful city.

Seward, Nebraska
Seward gives all the small-town feel while still having the luxury of being so close to the capital. It is the perfect place for commuting into the city, letting residents take advantage of the affordable housing, low crime rate, and the close-knit community feel.
Just because Independence Day just passed doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for next year, and Steward is the ideal place to be to celebrate the anniversary of America. It is recognized as “America’s Official Fourth of July City-Small Town USA” and is not taken lightly by this community. Thousands of people are in attendance each year to enjoy their activities which include the Grand Parade, a car show, live entertainment, and of course, a giant fireworks extravaganza.

Kearney, Nebraska
Kearney is a hidden gem in the Cornhusker State. If you enjoy the city lifestyle but without the crime or the higher cost of living, Kearney could be the perfect place to call home. There are plenty of eateries, events, and museums to keep you fed and entertained all year. Kearney is home to the Museum of Nebraska Art (MONA), which is the official museum art museum of Nebraska and displays artwork from the 19th century to the present.

Omaha, Nebraska
Voted #28 for best places to live by US News, Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska and is the 40th-largest city nationwide. A low cost of living matched with a strong job market and multiple universities attracts young professionals to Omaha. In fact, Forbes named it among its list of the Best Places for Business and Careers in 2013. They are home to the headquarters of four Fortune 500 companies including Berkshire Hathaway and Union Pacific Corporation. Omaha is also considered one of the top tech meccas in the country.
Need some entertainment? Omaha hosts the College World Series, which is an NCAA Division I Baseball Championship tournament. It is also home to Henry Doorly Zoo, ranked as the best zoo in the world by Trip Advisor in 2014.

Elkhorn, Nebraska In Elkhorn, you get to embrace all the small-town vibes while also getting to enjoy being so close to Omaha. Although Elkhorn is no longer considered its own city, it is still a wonderful area to live and raise a family. Annexed officially by Omaha in 2007, Elkhorn is ranked as having the best school district in the state of Nebraska. According to Niche, Elkhorn Public Schools received an A+ overall and received an A+ in the categories: academics, teachers, administration, resources & facilities, and health & safety.

Grand Island, Nebraska
Nestled right in the center of Nebraska, Grand Island is the fourth largest Cornhusker city.
Since 2010, Grand Island has hosted the Nebraska State Fair. Grand Island is also home to the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, which is responsible for training law enforcement officers throughout the state.
Love the outdoors? The Nebraska Sandhills are 20,000 square miles of sand dunes that represent the largest remaining grassland ecosystem in the US that is still fully intact for both flora and fauna. Each spring, 500,000+ Sandhill Cranes gather on the central Platte River valley. Be sure to check out this world-renowned Spring Migration of Sandhill Cranes.

Gering, Nebraska
Gering is another great town for outdoor lovers. It is centrally located between the Colorado Front Range, Yellowstone National Park, and Mt. Rushmore. Gering is home to the Scotts Bluff National Monument, a 19th-century landmark on the Oregon Trail and Mormon Trail. The monument has become a great location for hikers and nature lovers.

Chadron State College

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Why study in Pennsylvania

When it comes to its historical role in American political culture and history Pennsylvania is a league of its own. Philadelphia is the most culturally thriving city in Pennsylvania where the infamous declaration of independence was made. The international students in Pennsylvania make it a point to ensure that they take advantage of the rich cultural significance that the state has in the history of America. International students will find that there are various reasons for studying in America and there are no shortage of extracurricular activities for them. It has a humid continental climate and locate in the northeastern region of US enjoys all the four seasons. The major cities include that of Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Allentown, Eerie, nd the capital city of Harrisburg. International students have the opportunity of learning at some of the oldest and most prestigious colleges of the country.

Duquesne University

Gannon University

La-Roche College

Lebanon Valley College

Robert Morris University

Why study in Alabama

The international students who chose Alabama as their destination will find that there are various opportunities which are there for enhancing their classroom education with an education that is equally valuable on contemporary American politics, social issues and cultures. With Georgia in the East, Mississippi in the west, Floria in the south this city enjoys different types of geographical land features. There are various types of activities and attractions that students can find in Alabama. There are great art and music festivals, sports and various types of different state attractions. Many of the students that come to Alabama are from India, Japan and China making it a very multicultural experience.

Auburn University

Jacksonville State University

Troy University

Why study in Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city that is surrounded by untouched nature and stunning scenery, and it is also the home to some of the most successful companies of the world. Studying in Seattle will provide you with an access to a lifestyle outside as well as with a focus on industry and business. There are diverse range of companies that call Seattle home, from the famous coffee company Starbucks to the e-commerce Amazon to software Microsoft. Innovation is nurtured in this city and it continues to attract both multinational corporations and start-ups alike.
The scenery in Seattle is breathtaking, it has the Puget Sound waterfront, the tree-covered Olympic mountains, the Pacific Northwest's lush natural beauty surrounding it. The fact that Seattle has a mild climate there are many opportunities that you will get for outdoor activities throughout the year. It is a culturally rich country without both contemporary and traditional. There is a regional center for classical performing arts and museums, it has been home to some of the greatest styles and artists when it comes to music, from Jimi Hendrix to grunge.

City University of Seattle

Jacksonville State University

Troy University

Why study in Massachusetts

For international students the dynamic city of Boston offers all the cultural richness and diversity and the stimuli of living in a big city but with a much friendlier environment and moderately paced. This state has an undeniable unique place in the history of America and continues play a contributing role in the American fine-arts and high-culture. It is also the home of many world-class museums and national historical sites and has produced some of the most creative writes, academics, musicians and artists of America.
Role of Massachusetts in the American is also without an equal. It is not just the home to the oldest elementary and high school of America. It is also home to Havard, arguably the most prestigious college. Both Haver and Massachusetts Institute of technology rank among the top in the world, giving the other international students studying in the state to network with some of the finest brains. There are more 120 quality institutions in this state with over 50 being in Boston only.

Brandeis University

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Why study in New Jersey

A choice to study in New Jersey by international students means that they are going to couple their academic experience with that of the beauty of the New England towns along with the culturally rich and contemporary cities of “The Garden State”. There is a unique mixture of quaint and rural countryside along with the urban centers with all the trappings of a cosmopolitan life. Although it is the third smallest state in the country, however, it has the highest number of population density making it thereby the hotbed of cultural exchange and culture. Since it is very close to the metropolises like Philadelphia and New York City it further represents the opportunity that is there for experiencing the unique blend of these archetypal American countries.
This state is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Berkeley College

Drew University

New Jersey City University

Rider University

Rowan University

Why study in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin international students will have access for first-rate academic experience with different environments and activities from which they can choose from. When you study in one of the many major cities that are culturally rich or the agrarian and scenic rural towns. As the dairyland of America it offers an international the best of both world. There is a very rich history of ethnic and cultural diversity that it continues to maintain till this day. Through their studies the international students in Wisconsin will be able to again the experience in various technical areas that are thriving in Wisconsin, industries that are as varied as agriculture, manufacturing and entertainment and not to mention the rigorous academic disciplines at one of the state’s many different very best institutes of higher education.

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

University of Wisconsin-Super

Why study in Florida

For international students Florida is always a top choice who are looking to go for their higher education. There are many international students that are surprised at the high quality institution for the fraction of cost that students will be required to pay somewhere else. There is a very diverse option of non-profit, state universities and for-profit schools that you can choose from in various fields like business journalism, aviation, law and various. The international students recognize the various benefits that are there in studying in Florida as compared to the other states in the US, Florida is ranked as being the #6 most international students that study in a university or college. Florida International University, University of Central Florida and University of Central Florida are some of the institutes that have the highest number international students. The 4th most populous state in the US, and it is growing quickly, there is robust, diversity economy that supports the college and universities in Florida.

Florida International University

New York Film Academy

University of Central Florida

Why study in Arizona

It is ranked as 6th largest state in the US and is also the 16th most populous in US. It has one of the largest economies of the country, and in the world for that matter. There is extensive mining of copper in the state and this accounts for about 2/3rds of the output of the nation. The major part of the work force for the residents of Arizona includes transportation, trade, and utilities, and for the international students this means that they can study and do their internships in the areas of manufacturing, electronic and computer equipment, transportation equipment that include space vehicles and helicopters and different other products such as food products, fabricated metal products and machinery. Additionally since it si an urban, tourist-based city, community, business, personal services including hotels, private health care, resorts and hotels, repair shops and law firms generate more revenue as compared to any other service secor, and the resorts and hotels in Arizona receive a great amount of business and tourism in the winter months.

Northern Arizona University

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