Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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Warsaw University of Technology

It is among the best Polish schools offering high quality managerial education. The school has operated for over 25 years. It has been listed regularly at the top of national rankings and is continuously improving its position in the international rankings.

It was created in 1991 as a result of a bold experiment. Established jointly by four institutions: the best Polish technical university, Warsaw University of Technology, and three prestigious business schools from Western Europe- HEC School of Management (Paris, France), London Business School, (UK) and NHH Norwegian School of Economics (Bergen, Norway).

Therefore from the very beginning imbing a truly international character, which has been sustained due to the continuous involvement of its founders.

For many years, the School has been a member of European Foundation for Management Development created by leading European management schools.

WUT has its own model of education which is in response to the complex modern world and high expectations that the leaders are required to face. There are three pillars to this mode; developing knowledge and skills, using the knowledge in practice; and students’ personal development.

Apart from the quality of education, the MBA programmes' graduates' network is the greatest advantage of WUT Business School. The alumni of WUT are spread all over the world, hold high positions in organizations and oftentimes, have developed their own enterprises. Thanks to a cooperative alumni network, the graduates of WUT create unique business opportunities.

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