Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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Vistula Group of Universities


With 26 years of experience in the market and this university is the right blend of tradition and the most innovative trends in science. The most unique feature of this university is the practicality of its faculties. They cooperate very closely with international organizations and businesses, and their professors are renowned authorities with hands-on experience.

The priority of the faculties is to ensure that the graduates of the university are successfully in the job market in the dynamically changing economic environment in Poland and in Europe. Vistula University and the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management together form one of the most reputable universities and had been founding by leading experts in Poland. Their close collaboration with businesses and support towards enterprising students make them unique in the Polish education market.


Itis one of the five best public and private universities as per the Perspektywy education portal’s 2015 ranking of universities. As per the Home & Market Monthly it was touted to be the Best Business Partner out of all the Polish Universities.

The World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education, EURASHE, CEEMAN – the most prestigious management accreditation awarded to universities. Their faculty is unique on its own as it consists of professional from reputable companies and institutions. Some of it very reputable faculty consists of Professor Witold Orłowski – former presidential economic advisor and member of the National Development Council, Marek Kulczycki, PhD – President of FM Bank PBP, formerly working for the UN, Professor Krzysztof Rybiński – former Vice President of the National Bank of Poland, Professor Andrzej Olechowski – former Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign

Affairs, Professor Longin Pastusiak – former Vice President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Professor Jerzy M. Nowak – Vice President of the Euro-Atlantic Association, Professor Paweł Bożyk – member of the Senate of the United Nations University in Tokyo, Associate Professor Oskar Kowalewski, member of the editorial board of the Family Business Review magazine, Professor Jan Fazlagić – expert on managing knowledge, education, creativity, innovation and intellectual capital, Professor Roman Fulneczek – former President of the Management Board of Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe Daewoo, Associate Professor Wojciech Kostecki – member of the Global Security Fellows Initiative, Aleksandra Wiktorow, PhD – Insurance Ombudsman, former Minister of Labour. They strive to ensure that their education matches the reel needs of the global job market by collaborating with eminent scholars from world-class universities. The campus offers internships and educational projects abroad, including projects in German, Spain and Turkey. The university has an Erasmus programme thereby given the opportunity to study in one of the partner universities. It also provides the opportunity to earn a degree from the University of London one of the world’s most prestigious diplomas without even leaving Poland.

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