Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible. I am Possible.

University of Warwick & WMG

They are a world-leading university with the highest academic and research standards. But they are not letting the story end there. That’s because they are a place of possibility. They are always looking for new ways to make things happen. Whether you’re a dedicated student, an innovative lecturer or an ambitious company, Warwick provides a tireless yet supportive environment in which you can make an impact.

And their students, alumni and staff are consistently making an impact - the kind that changes lives, whether close to home or on a global scale. It’s the achievements of their people that help explain why their levels of research excellence and scholarship are recognised internationally. It’s a prime attraction for some of the biggest names in worldwide business and industry. It’s why they are ranked highly in the lists of great UK and world universities.

All of this contributes to a compelling story, one that’s little more than 50 years old. But who said youth should hold you back from changing the world? Warwick is a leading university, somewhere forward-looking and ambitious, where the starting point is always 'anything is possible'.

They consistently perform strongly in the UK league tables, and they are proud to be among the top 20 'Most International' universities in the world.* They are as respected for boundary-breaking research as for teaching and business collaborations - their pursuit of excellence and intellectual curiosity is tireless. They strive to lead rather than follow, and are renowned for their entrepreneurialism and cosmopolitan outlook. Working with business is at the heart of what they do. From their inception, Warwick has always had strong connections with industry. The present is no different.

they apply their innovative, cutting-edge research to industry challenges, working with global corporates to SMEs and local start-ups. Their collaborations include:
Discovering crop protection and plant biotechnology solutions with Dow AgroSciences.
Working with Waitrose to tackle global food security.
Developing the world's first ibuprofen pain relief patch and launching spin-out company Medherant, based on their research and a productive relationship with Bostik.
Building the National Automotive Innovation Centre with partners Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors European Technical Centre and WMG, on their campus.
With the support of Warwick Ventures, Warwick spin-out companies have closed over £25m in the current financial year in investment and grant funding that supports translation of the Universty's research into commercial innovations, including £16m into VirionHealth with a novel pan-flu therapeutic.
Expertise and Facilities
Businesses can access their state-of-the-art scientific equipment and expertise through Warwick Scientific Services, with 300 investigations carried out last year.
Warwick Conferences has expanded its first-class conference and training facilities by adding an innovative 650 sq m flexible space venue on campus, The Slate.
The University of Warwick Science Park has 130 tenant companies employing more than 2,900 staff, and provides facilities for start-ups and established companies. It also manages the Minerva Business Angel Network and the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)/Warwickshire County Council-supported Business Ready programme.

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