Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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The INSEEC Business School (L'Institut des hautes études économiques et commerciales) is a French Business School, with campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry, and London, Monaco, Geneva, Shanghai and San Francisco, with dual degrees affiliated universities across Europe, America and Asia, as well as 340 international study-abroad agreements.[citation needed] It was founded in 1975 in Bordeaux under the Groupe INSEEC. INSEEC is a French school that trains Executives and business leaders. It is one of a number of European universities to have the accredition of Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE), UGEI, AMBA, and EFMD.

The Group focuses its development in the areas of wine and spirits, digital, real estate and sport. Along with the Grande Ecole Masters in Management Program, specialty Msc. programs are offered across different business service, as well as having a Wine and Spirits Institute, and an MSc. in Aeronautic and Spatial Engineering in partnership with the one of France's top Engineering Schools Arts et Métiers ParisTech (ENSAM).[citation needed] Entrance to the program is mostly through preparatory exams.[citation needed] INSEEC Business School is the Grande Ecole de Commerce of Groupe INSEEC. The INSEEC Group, founded in 1975, has become a leading French higher education group.[citation needed]

The INSEEC Group is based in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry, and London, Monaco, Geneva, Shanghai and San Francisco. The INSEEC Group brings together a Grande Ecole de Management (INSEEC Business School) (INSEEC Bachelor, BBA INSEEC-European Business School, American BBA INSEEC-MBA Institute, INSEEC MSc & MBA, INSEEC Wine & Spirits Institute, Sup Career) (INSEEC Executive Education, CESNI, Luxury Attitude, Customer Experience, La Cité des Langues), Schools of Communication, Creation and Digital (Sup de Pub, Sup de Creation, Créa) Atout Sup). EBS Paris, ESCE, and ECE [fr] joined INSEEC Group in 2016.

The INSEEC Group has 22,000 students; 8,000 managers and employees in continuing education; more than 80,000 alumni; 370 permanent professors and 150 research/ teachers. There 4 campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Chambéry), 5 campuses abroad (Geneva, Monaco, London, San Francisco, Shanghai) and more than 340 international academic partners. And the annual budget is €220M in 2017.

Toulouse Business School

5 Campuses, 3 Accreditations, 1 School Open to the World

For over 100 years they have been training the business leaders of tomorrow. Offering cutting-edge business education to over 5,000 students and 2,000 trainees in Executive Education, they are dedicated to providing our students with the analytical skills, professional network and agility needed to adapt, innovate, and anticipate change in their future working environments.

With 5 campuses located in the heart of dynamic cities, such as Toulouse, Barcelona, Casablanca, Paris and London, and alliances with top academic institutions and multinational corporations across the globe, we are able to offer a broad core curriculum of undergraduate and graduate degree programs: from Bachelor to MSc, MBA, DBA, and Executive Education. Their programs are taught in French, English or Spanish, and cover Business, Management, Finance, Marketing, and Aerospace Management.

They are proud member of the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, and amongst the prestigious 1% of business schools with the “triple crown” of international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.

They believe that being a TBS student is an educationally outstanding experience.

ESLSCA Business School Paris

Established in 1949, ESLSCA has trained more than 15,000 students who now hold leading positions both in France and abroad. They have gained much in attending ESLSCA:

  • A broad and high-level master's degree: Admission after HEC (Business School) preparatory classes or after 2 or 3-year undergraduate degrees, based on a rigorous and innovative curriculum, the aim of which is to train genuine “Entrepreneurial managers”.
  • Courses leading to genuine qualifications and professionalization, which are highly sought-after by companies, with ESLSCA's “Finance” major and it's very high reputation (ESLSCA has the largest number of former students who are now accountants in the financial, banking and stock markets).
  • International: Created in 1979, the dual MBA degree is the oldest among the ESC network (Superior French Business Schools). The curriculum includes a compulsory term to be spent abroad (internship or academic semester), along with several courses taught in English. More than 50 nationalities are currently represented among the students of ESLSCA Business School, a member of AACSB, EFMD, CREPUQ and EDUNIVERSAL.
  • Existing synergies with other ESLSCA Group programs: Bachelor and MBA programs in English, and 19 third cycle programs, many of which are references in their niche (International Trading, Financial Engineering, Luxury and Fashion Management, Economic intelligence).
  • Corporate recognition, with companies supporting the ESLSCA Business School educational project, delegate teachers, provide numerous internships and receive graduates in the best conditions (the results of the survey on young graduate salaries by EXPANSION magazine (April 2010) still favour Paris ESLSCA Business School this year, ranking it 28th out of 40 schools.)
  • Significant research: ESLSCA Business School is actively involved in the research effort undertaken at European level to enhance management education. Teachers, PhD students and holders, management professors who are qualified to conduct research (HDR) all contribute to the publication of research papers, participate in colloquiums, publish articles and books in their respective disciplines, notably in Economic Intelligence and Finance.
  • The results of the IPSOS survey commissioned by ESLSCA Business School demonstrate the relevance of its educational project when it comes to meeting company expectations: the importance of internships and work experience, the level of professionalization of the curriculum, proficiency in English (bilingualism) and computer software.


Specialized MBAs

These courses are intended for higher education graduates and executives.


International Programs

Since 1982, ESLSCA Business School has been hosting international students for two or three years of study leading to the ESLSCA-MBA degree. Several students from ESLSCA Business School are completing their 3rd year in the USA, at the end of which they shall jointly obtain the MBA degree and the ESLSCA Business School diploma. Since 1996, ESLSCA Business School has been running a one-year MBA program for foreign students (courses in English).


Bachelor's Degrees

The two ESLSCA Bachelor’s, the BBA, Bachelor’s of Business Administration (created in 1998) and the Bachelor’s of Finance program are both accessible to high school graduates.


Grande Ecole

This program has three objectives:
Provide initial training in management during the first year, through the acquisition of basic language skills and other techniques.
Allow, during the second year, a deepening of the initial courses, and training to a synthetic approach of corporate management issues.
Assist students, during their final year, by developing the skills that will allow them to define and implement company policies, along with a certain amount of technical knowledge gained through optional modules, enabling fast integration into a specific company department.


Executive Training


The École de Guerre Économique – the School of Economic Warfare – has been operating since 1997 and now stands as a pioneer in Europe.
The EGE participates in the meetings of the IHEDN (Institute of Higher Studies in National Plea) and organized the symposium on Economic Intelligence at the UNESCO in 1998. The Paris ESLSCA Business School has entered into agreements with the universities of Strasbourg, Montpellier, Poitiers, Laval and Quebec, all with regard to Economic Intelligence.
The EMG publishes several papers on Economic Intelligence.


Adhering to our program means meeting the future demands that global challenges will give rise to. Ensuring you are able to master the different situations you will be faced with constitutes a quest for excellence.
Access is open to candidates with a Bachelor's degree, an equivalent diploma or who wish to enter a third cycle degree.

VATEL Hotel and Tourism Business School

Competing against 42 other schools, Vatel Group and all its campuses throughout the world won the “Best Hotel Management School” award from an international jury composed of professionals in the hospitality industry in the Worldwide Hospitality Awards ceremony.

A global recognition expressed by those who recruit Vatel alumni throughout the world. Vatel has 50 hospitality management schools located in Europe, in the Americas, in Asia and in Africa. They share the same mission: preparing the younger generations to build their professional futures in the international hospitality and tourism management industries.


Vatel has decided to:

  • - Teach management techniques based on two centuries of history in the hospitality industry, based on high-quality services and customer satisfaction. This includes all cultural aspects of clients, from the country where the hotel is located to the personnel working in it.
  • - Convey the French art of hospitality, recognized all throughout the world as a sign of quality, good taste, and excellence.
  • - Teach French in all non-French speaking countries where our Group operates.


They now have 35,000 alumni who are working throughout the world and who are proud to call themselves Vateliens and to work in the most beautiful hotels on earth.


Vatel’s success is based on five pillars. All over the world, our faculty members have learned to:

  • have deep ties with their students
  • create dynamic learning conditions
  • convey their know-how and knowledge
  • introduce the concept of proper conduct in all situations
  • have close relationships with professionals working in hotel and tourism management positions

Vatel Group’s teaching teams are made up equally of professors from universities and professionals who have made a name for themselves in their fields.


The Vatel uniform, both educational and inclusive

The Vatel dress code induces conduct that is strict, sober and elegant, as required by all jobs in the hospitality industry and restaurant services. Students feel that they belong to our school and embrace the values that they will need down the road in their professional lives. A token of our recognition shared by all Vatel students in the world, it embodies the values learned at Vatel which will accompany them for their entire professional lives.


Franchises, partnerships based on sharing success

Success must be shared. This strong idea is the base for Vatel Group’s development. A win-win situation for Vatel Group as it expands throughout the entire world as well as for its partners, who, as soon as the contract has been signed, can count on extensive tried and tested experience, while remaining independent. In return, both parties must contribute to the success of each new campus.


DUCASSE Education - Culinary and pastry arts schools

With more than thirty years of experience, the French Chef Alain Ducasse passes on his know-how, his skills and his expertise to cultivate excellence in culinary and pastry arts through Ducasse Education.


A passion for taste

At the roots of DUCASSE Paris are the passion for culinary and pastry arts, and the desire to reveal the original taste of products, to exalt their flavors, and to satisfy our guests. Driven by the vision of Alain Ducasse, our 8 divisions express the commitment of our teams, who bring our passion for taste to life, in France and abroad.

Since its inception, DUCASSE Education contributes to the transmission of our French know-how in culinary and pastry arts.Today, we are a leading global network of schools, where passion and devotion to the art of hospitality underscore a rich history of exceptional standards, forged through decades of practice and experience.

DUCASSE Education passes on the highest culinary and pastry industry standards with its comprehensive hands-on training programs, that emphasize practical learning of techniques with precision, innovation, and rigorous skills-based methodology.


A unique know-how alliance

With 3 schools in France, DUCASSE Education benefits from multiple exceptional expertise.

Located in Argenteuil, the Centre de Formation Alain Ducasse is specialized in culinary arts while the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Patisserie, based in Yssingeaux, has been devoted to pastry, bakery, chocolate, confectionery, and ice cream arts, for over thirty years.

Finally, at the heart of Paris, the Ecole de Cuisine Alain Ducasse is aimed at passionate amateurs and companies looking for exclusive events.


NEOMA Business School

Having entered a post-merger phase, NEOMA Business School has built its new strategic plan around a clear ambition: to develop and challenge the established practices in the sector.


NEOMA Business School is made up of more than 67,000 women and men, students, professors, staff and alumni, who focus their energy on the shared ambition:

to be an innovative challenger to the major international business schools.
By adopting a more flexible approach, characterised by the ‘test and learn’ method and driven by the desire to push back boundaries, NEOMA Business School has opted to move out of its comfort zone. The School not only seeks to follow innovations, but also to create them. To meet this ambition to be a challenger, NEOMA Business School is focusing on 3 main areas.



3 strategic priorities

Focusing on educational innovative: by anticipating transformations and new learning methods, with an experiential and digital dimension at the heart of this project


Reinventing the international experience: our global network of 300 outstanding universities contributes to enhancing the student exchange experience, which is always more meaningful when spent in "immersion" abroad.



Applying 360° expertise: by developing the synergies of its various activities (programmes, research, Executive Education and business) through the setting up of five centres of expertise aimed at maintaining close contact with the issues of business transformation:


  • - “Fintech & Cryptofinance” centre,
  • - “Mobility” Centre,
  • - “Entrepreneurship” centre,
  • - “Europe-Asia” centre,
  • - “Audit & Consulting” centre.

NEOMA Business School conducts this approach with a constant respect for the aspirations and well-being of each individual, with the aim of building a school that reshapes everyday life!




L’Etudiant – Post-baccalaureate Programmes (Bac+4/5)

The three NEOMA Business School post-baccalaureate programmes are ranked amongst the TOP 10 Schools in France (including tied places).

  • - CESEM : 4th (up 2 places)
  • - GLOBAL BBA : 4th (up 4 places)
  • - TEMA : 10th (unchanged from 2017)


L’Etudiant – Master in Management – 7th place

NEOMA Business School moves up 2 places and is now ranked 7th in the general standings.
Our Master in Management stands out for its:

  • - Overall graduate satisfaction (courses and professors, premises, association life, quality of student services)
  • - Research production
  • - Multicultural exposure (the range of nationalities of students and professors)
  • - Close company ties


Le Figaro – Master in Management – 10th place

NEOMA Business School moves up 1 place and is now ranked 10th.
Our Master in Management stands :

  • - The 5th place for the "business relationship" criteria, and signs up a nice performance
  • - The 8th place for "academic excellence" criteria
  • - The 9th place for the "international influence" criteria

Financial Times - Masters in Management 2018 – 41st place

NEOMA Business School now stands in 41st place (40th in 2017). The School has consolidated its TOP 10 position amongst French Schools by taking 9th place, gaining one place compared to 2017. In this issue’s opening article, NEOMA BS is praised for its digital teaching approaches aimed at improving the learning experience. Read the article

Financial Times - Ranking of the top 100 Executives MBA programmes 2018 – ranked 71st

In 2018, NEOMA Business School moved up 10 places to 71st in the world and 6th in France. The Global Executive MBA programme stands out for career progression (+8 places), research excellence (+7 places) and the international profile of its curriculum (+2 places).
In 2017-2018: progression in all rankings
In 2017-2018, NEOMA Business School moved up in all the rankings in which our Master in Management programme featured, with an average gain of 4 places.
This constant progression is due to 3 factors:
- The renowned strength of the faculty.
- The evolution of certain criteria that reward the School's strategic choices, such as the introduction of entrepreneurship or the consideration of the number of accredited international partners.
- The progress NEOMA BS has made on certain criteria related to retaining EQUIS accreditation for 5 years and increased selectivity.

SIGEM 2018 : 8th position (+1 place)

A true benchmark indicator on the market, the SIGEM results published today confirm NEOMA Business School as the 8th most preferred French Grande Ecole amongst students preparing the entrance exams. The School gained one place in 2018, a significant achievement in this ranking, which is renowned for its stability (the TOP 10 has not changed in 3 years) and in a generally more competitive environment.


With over 145 years of experience, NEOMA Business School benefits from the excellence of its founding Schools and international partners.
Since their foundation, in 1871 (Rouen) and 1928 (Reims), the two schools have been linked to the business world, with an international outlook but strong roots in their local territories, a network of united, committed alumni, and academic recognition from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA... Marketing, Finance, Business, Supply Chain Management... NEOMA Business School's research and teaching expertise is unquestionable in all these disciplines, and the exceptional careers of our many thousands of graduates are the best proof of this.
Today, in a rapidly evolving world where change has become the norm, ensuring sustainable employability, means considering change as an opportunity for development. More than individual success,it means harnessing talent and working towards shared goals.
Our core activity remains what it was 140 years ago: producing leading-edge knowledge in all management science disciplines to serve the education of our students.
Three strong, distinct specialities
NEOMA Business School has chosen 3 original, strong, cross-functional, specialities, which reflect our genuine expertise:


They no longer talk of centralised isolated, all-powerful leadership, but rather shared leadership, to maximise organisation effectiveness.


Beyond simply creating or taking over a business, we want to instil a genuine mind-set that always aims to innovate, create, and experiment.


They prepare students for a successful, sustainable career, based on key managerial skills, in line with business requirements.
Through their programmes, their research, their partners ... they reassess the very notion of leadership and prefer to talk of #Humanship This philosophy guides our actions. It structures their mission. It represents what they beleive. "Made by NEOMA BS" experience
NEOMA Business School has decided to concentrate its investment in three specialist areas. To develop them, they rely on the assets that have made their reputation :
A powerful network of academic partners around the world with a genuine policy of immersion during placements abroad: no more than 5 or 6 students per destination means that they genuinely integrate into the local environment, while benefiting from teaching of the highest standards at their prestigious partner schools.

A powerful network of companies, recognized by a range of rankings and studies: through internships, apprenticeship contracts, study trips, speakers, etc. our proximity to the business world guarantees the legitimacy of their teaching.
An innovative teaching style , based on experiential learning with unusual situations and genuine immersion into the world of simulation: induction seminars in situations that take students out of their comfort zone (with naval commandos for example), business games, case studies, etc.

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