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Why UK is the trending destination?


-The trending destination of 2021

At a Glance

The United Kingdom is a popular choice for international students

because of its high standard of education, and the reputation of many of

its universities. Standards of living in the UK are high, and there are a wide

range of sports and cultural activities available wherever you choose to

study, both at universities and in the local community. Even many of the

larger cities feature parks and have a wealth of green space to enjoy.

Programs to choose from:

The trending destination UK offers a wide range of courses at all degree levels. If you’re looking

to do a bachelor’s program, the average amount of time needed for

completion is around three years, but in some cases it could be four.

There are a variety of highly regarded institutions in the UK including

specialist business schools, medical universities and engineering

universities. Whether you’re looking to study for a bachelor’s, masters,

MBA or PhD Studies, can help you find the perfect place to study abroad.

Career Opportunities:

The UK being the second most popular study abroad destination has

plenty of Job opportunities for the international students who excel in

Business & Admin Studies, Engineering, Social Studies, Biological Sciences,

Law, Creative Arts & Design, Medicine & Dentistry, Subjects Allied to

Medicine, Computer Sciences, and Physical Sciences.

UK provides the opportunities to the career you want. Jobs and

opportunities Working for the UK offers you a unique opportunity to gain

experience and develop skills in a modern, rapidly changing Industry with

worldwide influence and impact. Building your career with the UK offer

scope for versatility, initiative and creativity in a stimulating and

supportive environment.

Education Cost:

All prospective students must be aware of the various costs that they

might need to handle while in UK. 

The total average cost of studying in the UK is estimated to be at

least £22,200 (~US$31,380) per year, with studying in London likely to be

significantly more expensive.

London has the highest average weekly rent of approx. £157.48 per week

and the cheapest rooms are in Northern Ireland costs around £83.01 per



As a global educational attraction, UK maintains a strong awareness

toward international student financial matters.

UK scholarships for international students can be divided into two major


 Governmental Scholarships

 Non-governmental Scholarships

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