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Why study in Australia or New Zealand

We would like to begin with the good news. Australia has reopened for foreign students to come to the country for higher studies.  Also New Zealand is going to reopen very soon. So, it is time for all those students who wants to study in Australia and New Zealand to get ready. All of you who want to go there need to start preparing right now since the rush will be immense.

Today's Session is exactly for that purpose.  We want to provide all the information you will need to study in these two countries in the coming intakes. Now represents all the Universities  both in Australia and New Zealand. So, we can place a student to any University, any course of his/her choice.

One of the reasons why many Indian students choose Australia or New Zealand is the fact that the visa application process for many Asian students has become more relaxed in terms of financial requirements.

Top advantages for Indian students who want to study abroad in Australia are:

·       Safe country – Australia is one of the safest countries in the world

·       Multicultural and friendly environment –Home of thousands of citizens from worldwide countries, Australian people are known to be extremely friendly and outgoing people.

·       Great opportunities for work during studies and after graduation –International students in Australia can work up to 20 hours a week and after graduation, they can also benefit from a post-study work visa. 

Popular study options in Australian universities

      Information Technology, Digital Design & Engineering – Internship opportunities in local companies

      Computer Science, Data Analytics, Communications & Media Studies,  Environmental Science

      Business Programs, Business Analytics  – You can attend some of the best business schools in the world

      Food & Hospitality, Agriculture & Food & Hospitality, Agriculture

·   Economics and econometrics,  Accounting & Finance

·      Law or sociology & others



The main considerations, budget for studying in these two countries are shown below.


Desired Country

Budget/Fee [in Rs Lakhs]

Number of Years


Show money [in Rs Lakhs]

Backlogs/ Study Gaps

Special Criteria


Suggested Countries


35 - 50



30 - 35 lakhs

Accepted/Needs to be Justified



Australia, USA

New Zealand

10 – 20,

17 / year

1 or 2


30 lakhs

Accepted/Needs to be Justified


Rare (judged by the University solely)

New Zealand, Australia




Here are some of the well known Universities of Australia

1.         Monash University

2.         Queensland University of Technology

3.         The University of Adelaide

4.         James Cook University

5.         University of Canberra

6.         Victoria University,

7.         University of Melbourne

8.         La Trobe University

9.         University of Sydney

10.   The University of Western Australia

11.   The University of Queensland

12.   Curtin University

13.   Griffith University (Brisbane)

14.   Bond University

15.   Australian National University

16.   RMIT University

17.   Macquarie University

18.   Le Cordon Bleu

19.   International College of Management

20.   Engineering Institute of Technology

Top advantages for Indian students who want to study abroad in New Zealand are:

·       New Zealand’s relaxed pace of life gives you the time to enjoy everything our vibrant modern cities have to offer. 

·       New Zealand is the perfect study abroad destination for Indian Students due to its lower annual tuition fees and low cost of living for many courses. 

·       In New Zealand if you study in institutes your tuition fee is much lesser than if you study in a University.

·       New Zealand offers many courses of choice and the chances of getting employment is high because the country is sparsely populated.

·       If you do a one-year program in New Zealand, you get 3 years for job search.

·       You can work to support your studies and jobs are available easily


Popular study options in New Zealand universities

      Business, MBA

      Computer science, Engineering, Technology Courses, Aviation

      Digital Design

·    Food & Hospitality, Agriculture 

·    Economics and econometrics,

·     Accounting & finance, communications & media studies, law or sociology & others 


Here are some of the well known Universities of New Zealand 

1.          University of Auckland

2.          University of Otago

3.          University of Canterbury

4.          Victoria University of Wellington

5.          University of Waikato

6.          Auckland University of technology

7.          New Zealand Institute of Education

8.          New Zealand School of Education

9.          Le Cordon Bleu

10.     Newton College of Business & Technology



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