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Why is it important to choose a good overseas education consultant?

Ever dreamt of studying in a prestigious foreign university? While many dismiss the dream as an unrealistic one, only a few persist and persist hard enough to turn their dreams into reality. A degree obtained from a reputed foreign institute can potentially change the course of one's life, opening up a wide range of opportunities, thereby, creating a better and brighter future.


An exciting journey awaits!!


Gaining admission into a distinguished foreign university is no mean feat. It's as much a matter of planning and preparation as of merit. A meticulous level of planning is required from as early as your 10+2 level. The path to glory is not an easy one. How do you acquaint yourself with the complex process of admission into these universities? How do you choose the right course and the right institute? Worry not. Just talk to a reliable overseas education consultant. As one of the best education consultants in Kolkata, we, at Yesvidya, would like to emphasize the significant role played by these consultants in getting you close to your preferred college or university abroad. 




Profile Evaluation: In order to be in a position to provide proper guidance, a careful assessment of a student's profile is done by the education consultant. This initial phase of analysis helps decide which study program is best suited for a student's interest and aptitude.


University Selection: Next comes the crucial stage of shortlisting those universities which have worldwide recognition and offer the best infrastructure and faculty for that particular course. Our experts at Yesvidya have years of experience in helping students pick the right institute. Our Yesvidya consultants carefully study current trends and do thorough online research which ensures that students get the most accurate and updated information.


Education Loans: Applying for educational loans and financial aid is a cumbersome process, especially for students who have limited knowledge in these matters. Our dedicated team at Yesvidya offer unbiased advice regarding the best possible educational loans. 


Visa Processing: A seamless visa processing is possible once you have thorough information about all the stages of visa processing. We, at Yesvidya, guide you through all immigration policies, visa checklists and of course, the crucial interview process. 

Often regarded as one of the best overseas education consultants in Kolkatathe relentless effort put in by our Yesvidya team ensures that the students do not feel lost and confused during the entire process. The young, impressionable minds come to us with dreams in their eyes and faith in their hearts. The least that we can do is try to give them some clarity regarding the journey that awaits them and offer unbiased, whole-hearted support as they take small but significant steps towards living their dream.

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