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The effects of Covid-19 have called for businesses industry to find opportunities to thrive in new ways,  where technology plays a significant role. The good news is the use of virtual platforms can do an excellent job of conducting businesses and have incredible potential for growth in audience engagement. recognized this opportunity from the very beginning. So when the rest of the overseas education consultancies were downsizing because of the restriction on movements for both students and counsellors to meet physically in offices, shifted their operation to a virtual platform.

 When a business has a physical office, then you have to take into consideration if the location is convenient and accessible for your target audience, whether it is big enough to fit the number of employees and students, and what the dropout rate might be like due to traffic or the limited office hours. 

Running an overseas education consultancy business on a virtual platform immediately reduces these concerns by more than half. Students can attend a counselling session or a webinar from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world on the go, as long as they have a computer or a mobile device and Internet connectivity. Because virtual platforms makes resources so easily available anywhere at any time, the audience reached can go up to over ten times higher than having a single physical presence. 

At the same time took the opportunity to introduce a dedicated Student Portal where you (the student) could manage and monitor your entire overseas admission and placement process, anytime and from anywhere on a computer or a mobile device with Internet connectivity. As a counter part to the Student Portal, there is also a Counsellor portal which allows the Counsellor to monitor, help and update the student with his/her overseas study dream becoming a reality. conducts webinars, breakout rooms, events and one-to-one counselling giving student a group and personal attention giving the student the information and the comfort level he/she needs as they embark on the new journey.

This "new normal"  ways of doing business virtually, is a reality we have to accept. People have started realizing the benefits of them. This adaptation will keep on growing long after COVID is gone. As a front runner is now the new destination of students seeking to go abroad for further studies. With free counselling and a dedicated counsellor, it is a no-brainer for the student to choose as their Overseas Education Consultancy.

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