Blogs -'s one-to-one Zoom Student Sessions get Rave Reviews and a Google rating of 5/5's one-to-one Zoom Student Sessions get Rave Reviews and a Google rating of 5/5's Director Ajanta Sinha Roy has started conducting online counselling through one-to-one Zoom sessions with the prospective students who wants to go abroad for their higher studies and for brighter careers. In these sessions, she offers her expert counselling knowledge and gives the best possible courses matching the eligibility and budget of the student. From the time these sessions were started, the success rate has been very high, with nearly 100% of the students liking the focussed course choices being offered and then narrowing it down to a single course which fits their interests, budget and their future prospects the most. In these sessions, the Director Ajanta Sinha Roy and the dedicated counsellor assigned to the student participate in a Zoom session only with a single student at a time. The student comes to the table with all their desired choices and goals, along with their doubts and questions. Director Ajanta listens to them carefully and patiently and answers them based on her vast experience and knowledge. She always makes sure the student's interest and aspiration are addressed as the most paramount concerns. She advises and guides the student, and is not afraid to dispel any wrong conceptions and ideas a student may have about studying abroad and their choices. She makes them aware of the emerging desinations and places where the same course of equal value is offered at a cheaper cost. She understands the pulse of the student and what the students really want, and works in a collaborative way which makes the student highly comfortable. These sessions are very effective and the students are feeling very comfortable in their decision making armed with the reliable knowledge and a clearer vision. It has been so popular that many of the counselled students are referring their friends. Also they have given a Google rating of 5/5 for these sessions. You can go to the Google review site to read about these reviews. Many students said it was the best and productive half an hour you will be spending in a long time, if you are looking to study abroad. There is no contract to sign and no pressure is put on the propective student to go through Focus is given on just making the students aware of the best possible options which suits them and giving courses of their choice. The whole process is very fast and transparent which makes the student to automatically opt for as their consultancy. The dedicated counsellor assigned to the student makes sure the following steps are acted upon immediately and also helps with the application and the succeeding processes to be completed an an expedited manner.

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