Blogs - presents "Walk the Talk" for Rotary Club presents "Walk the Talk" for Rotary Club

We will conduct a fair "Walk the Talk" where the prospective students will have the opportunity to meet the representatives of various Universities. The countries involved  will be Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Singapore, Dubia and other countries*.

The student will be able to interact with the  University Representative on a one-to-one basis to get answers to all questions and concerns.

Immediate Offer Letter can be given to the qualified students.

Scholarships will be available to the qualified students.

There will be full Visa assistance to the students who decide to go.

Studying abroad has many challenges and the key is to have the right information. With so much information on the internet, some true and  some false, this is a task which is easier said than done. So bring your passion to the session and leave one step closer to your coveted dream. and Rotary club are always there to help with your goals.

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