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Study In Italy

Italy has been one of the most popular destinations for Indian students. Currently, 37 universities have made it to the QS World University Ranking 2022. 

Italy is also home to the infamous University of Bologna, which is currently the world’s oldest functional institution.

While public universities are highly affordable for international students, you can even opt to study for free in Italy. This is possible with our help with scholarships and stipends provided by universities in Italy.

Additionally, you can even work part-time while studying in Italy.

Some universities also offer training in the Italian language besides offering academic courses in English. Hence, language will not become a barrier if you pursue a course at an Italian university.

If you’re an Indian student looking to pursue a course, keep reading below to know the benefits of studying in Italy, a list of top-ranking universities, scholarships, and proficiency tests.

Benefits Of Studying In Italy

  • English is a commonly used language in Italian universities.

  • Multiple Universities With QS World Rankings

  • Internationally Recognised Universities

Universities In Italy

  1. University Of Sapienza

  2. University Of Padova

  3. Politecnico Di Torino

  4. University of Tor Vergata

  5. University of Pavia

  6. University of Messina

  7. University of Bologna

  8. University of Camerino


  1. Undergraduate Courses

  2. Postgraduate Courses


Studying abroad can turn out to be expensive with high tuition fees and the skyrocketing cost of living, especially in Europe. Italian universities offer several scholarships that can be received based on merit and academic performance.

With these scholarships, you can significantly reduce the financial burden while studying in a top-ranking university.

Benefits of Scholarships

Scholarships in Italian universities cover various expenses which make the country a lucrative destination for international students.

Here are some benefits that you might receive with a scholarship;

Financial Grant

Scholarships come with financial grants for students, which is basically a monthly allowance that you receive in your Italian bank account. In most cases, this allowance is received quarterly.

Tuition Fees Exemption

Students might get exempted from paying tuition fees in Italian universities. However, note that this is not applicable to all courses. For example, courses in Italian language and culture do not come with tuition fee exemption.

Medical Insurance

Students with scholarships may also receive medical insurance coverage. Illness or accidents or any unfortunate incidents can burn a hole in your budget. MAECI contracts medical insurance for grantees for a partial or entire duration of a student’s scholarship.

Get Schengen Visa Benefits

Once you get a Schengen Visa while studying in Italy, you’ll become eligible to travel to all the Schengen countries using the same Visa. In the future, you can also apply for permanent residency after your stay in the country for the required duration. 

Proficiency Tests

Depending on the courses you might require clearance of language proficiency tests to qualify. For courses pursued in English, here are the minimum proficiency test scores required to study in Italy.

  • IELTS = 6 bands

  • TOEFL PBT = 507 to 557

  • TOEFL CBT = 180 to 217

  • TOEFL IBT = 80 to 99

Get Help From An Expert

The entire process of filing application forms, preparing for proficiency tests, and selecting your university can be troublesome. Moreover, applications for these universities are time-sensitive with thousands of students queueing up for their chance.

At YesVidya, we guide you through each and every step to make this process easier and faster.

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