Blogs - Schengen visa and its advantages for students wanting to study in European region

Schengen visa and its advantages for students wanting to study in European region

Europe is a great destination for students who are looking to

study abroad. It is renowned around the world for high-quality

education and multiple career opportunities and prospects.

Experiencing education from European Universities is an

opening for a plethora of opportunities for students who want a

successful career.

Europe is the home of some of the world’s most academically

advanced countries like France, Ireland, UK, Germany, Italy,

Poland, Malta etc. Across the many countries, students will be

able to study any specialization of their choice in top- ranked


One of the most amazing benefits of studying in Europe is the

ability to travel affordably. Almost all European countries are

worth travelling to, as each one of them has a rich history and

wealth of tourist worthy places.

Europe contains the world’s largest visa-free zone in the

Schengen Area. The Schengen Area is a region where 26

European countries abolished international borders to allow

unrestricted travel in between them, albeit with rules. With a

student Schengen visa, students can access to study and gain

more educational experience in any of the 26 European

countries in the Schengen region. Students can choose any of

these countries where there are universities that offer courses

related to their educational goals.

Basically this Schengen visa is a three-month temporary

student visa for international students who intend to study in a

Schengen country. This visa can be extended once it expires,

and if a student is accepted into this visa program, he or she

can apply for a residency permit. A Schengen study visa may

be granted without an IELTS or other language exam if the

organization does not need it.

In this article, we will outline the benefits students who have a

Schengen visa can get while studying.

World-class Educational Standards

The educational standard in Europe is high. Many world’s

ranked educational institutions are situated in Europe and they

ensure the consistency of high-quality education. This is why

the students who graduate from universities in Europe find it

easy to get good jobs. European education helps students to

build-up a global career.

Increased Career Prospects

Every country gives opportunities to international students

to stay back in the country to find a job and earn a good

living. Students will find successful career prospects in all

European countries. Especially in places like France, UK,

Germany etc. which are some of the world’s largest


Multiple Entry Schengen Visas for Students

As a student with a Schengen visa, they will have multiple entry

access. This means students can explore other Schengen

countries to learn more about the culture and gain knowledge.

Also, multiple entry Schengen visas give the opportunity to

travel back to the home country when necessary.

Excellent Networking Opportunities

Studying in a foreign country presents an opportunity to

network and interact with so many people. Students can make

some of the best acquaintances while studying at a university in

Europe. After graduating, students will have a better idea of

who they can form strategic partnerships with, to achieve his or

her goals.

Longer Visa Validity

With the new visa code for Schengen countries, which was

introduced in February 2020, students have a chance to get a

visa with a longer validity. This will give students more time to

live in a European country, even after graduating.

Diversity Of Education

In different countries of Europe continents students

will get the opportunity to choose from and study a

variety of different and diverse subjects and


Work While Studying

In almost every country in Europe, students have

the right to work and earn while they are still

students at a university.

Less Immigration Stress Within the Schengen


The Schengen visa for students helps to become more

productive because they can avoid delays and lengthy

immigration administrative processes when travelling from one

Schengen country to another. This privilege will be helpful

when students need to attend events, conferences, or meetings

at short notice, in other countries within the Schengen region.

This is a high time to apply for a Schengen student visa. The

new provisions in the visa code just introduced make it possible

for faster Schengen visa processing. Also, students who would

like to study in Europe can take advantage of the electronic

submission for visa applications, which makes the process


The Schengen visa is blooming with novel opportunities for

students around Europe. So, for those students who are

looking for a high-quality education and a successful global

career, this is one of the best options for them.

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