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New Policy on Study Abroad in 2022

2022 is blooming with novel opportunities as various international universities all around the globe start resuming their respective programs after the whole COVID-19 situation, getting ready to take in new students from every corner of the world. As a new beginning  crawls in, the Study Abroad Policy 2022 went through certain important developments. Students who aim to gain access to global citizenship are in for a joyful ride.


1.      USA waiving off mandatory interviews for the VISA process :-

The United States has announced that the “obligatory interviews”  would now be voluntary  with the choice remaining  in the hands of the interviewing Consular Officer.

This is a welcoming  and necessary step forward. Although this measure is applied for most non-immigrant visas, students with F and M type VISA will have their validity extended till 31st December 2022 in the wake of pending backlog.

2.       Australia opening its  borders for international students :-

By far the biggest development is Australia’s decision to extend its borders to international students  along with the establishment of a travel bubble to draw in Indian students.

3.      Canada achieving  their 2021 target  of 400,000+ new PRs :-

Canada  announced that it met it’s 2021 target of getting  400,000+ new Permanent Residents . Immigration minister Sean Fraser mentioned that majority of these applications came from temporary workers based out of the country.

This is a positive news since it demonstrated a much promised rebound from the 180,000 PRs in 2020. For the first time in history, Canada has been able to secure its place as the choice of “Immigration Destination”.

Students who have been waiting to get admission in 2022, now is the time to grab on to these rising opportunities and make your dream of studying abroad a reality.

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