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How easy it is to learn French?

Has the thought of learning a foreign language ever crossed your mind? Possibly yes. Was that ‘foreign language’ French by any chance? In all probability, it was. French is the language of love and beauty as also the language of art and travel. With 80 million native speakers and a whopping 220 million speakers worldwide, French has grown to become the second most widely learned language after English and the sixth most widely spoken language in the world. You'd find French speakers in all the five continents. This means, learning the 'language of love’ could possibly transform your life, allowing you to become a truly global citizen. 


Now, if you're in the earlier stages of learning French and already struggling with the language, don't lose heart and give up midway. Just hold on for some more time and you'd be having your first French conversation in a matter of few weeks. Our French faculties at Yesvidya witness this remarkable transformation on a daily basis. French is easy to learn, especially for native English speakers.


Commonalities: French and English share a common alphabet and a large portion of vocabulary. If you're fluent in English, you already have secured a good head-start in French. Our Yesvidya faculties help you identify the commonalities between the two languages in order to ease the process of learning.


Pronunciation: French pronunciation may seem difficult at first with the usage of a lot of silent letters and varying pronunciation of nouns based on gender. In fact, French lays importance on gender, which has influence on pronouns, ending of verbs and adjectives. Luckily in French, there are several rules that help gain a better understanding of the gender of an object. We at Yesvidya lay special emphasis on the pronunciation and dialect aspect of the language. 


Course Structure:


The beginner levels of French language course are divided into two categories: A1 and A2. 

Level A1, designed for novices, is concerned with the basic vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation of commonly used words. Level A2 is more of a revision course for those who've studied it before, but are out of practice. It is designed to help you recapitulate past lessons. Although there are several advanced levels in this course, A1 and A2 levels are taught in India. Clearing the beginner levels is enough to pursue education in France or establish a career there. We at Yesvidya collaborate with accomplished French trainers to guide students through the A1 and A2 levels of the course.

Being one of the best overseas education consultants in Kolkata, we at Yesvidyaprovide quality training at affordable rates. We understand how learning a foreign language can elevate your career to a whole new level and help you grow as an individual.

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