Blogs - How can you go to Canada through France (Quebec Visa)?

How can you go to Canada through France (Quebec Visa)?

France and Canada have a deep-rooted connection that might not initially be so obvious given the fact that they lie on different continents. In fact, about 7.2 million Canadians (a whopping 20.6% of Canadian population) have French as their mother tongue. They belong to the ethnic group called 'French Canadian' and their ancestry can be traced to French colonists who chose to settle in Canada from the 17th century onward. Most of the French Canadians live in the Quebec province which is often regarded as the 'Europe of North America' due to its unique, multicultural atmosphere. Here, French is the official language at the provincial level. In fact, 95% of the Quebec population speaks French as their first or second language. 


eTA Visa:


French citizens are required to apply for eTA visa to enter Canada on a short-term basis (90 days) for business, tourism, transit or medical reasons. After completion of the online visa application, the processing and approval takes just 5 minutes and the authorization is sent as PDF form via email. This visa is valid for 5 years from the date of issue.


Why French nationals flock to Quebec:


Many French nationals move to Canada on a long-term basis in the lure of higher education and career opportunities. Canada's growing reputation as an economic prowess as well as its hassle-free immigration process encourages immigration from all over the world. During the immigration process, French citizens are prioritized over others by the Canadian government. . According to the Quebec-France Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications signed in 2008, if a French citizen chooses to settle in Quebec, his credential assessment process can be expedited ahead of others facilitating entry into Canada through their chosen profession. Education in Canada has highly sought after. Quebec's world-class institutions offer reduced course fees for French citizens. 


Entry through QSWP:


Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is an immigration program in Canada specific to the province of Quebec. QSWP has different selection criteria to choose skilled workers for Quebec. Those selected via QSWP receive Quebec Selection Certificate which makes them eligible for Canadian Permanent Residency through IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada). To be selected for QSWP, an individual applicant needs a minimum 50 points and those with a partner need a minimum 59 points which are calculated based on education, work experience, area of training, age, language proficiency to name a few. 

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