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Free Virtual Counselling

The world is a sea of opportunities waiting to be explored. Countless people are working hard and hoping to convert their ambitions into successes. We at Vidya.Com believe these ambitions should be recognized and cherished.

Vidya.Com is an Overseas Educational Consultancy Firm working with and for the people to make them realize their dreams. We are on a mission to bring forth access to quality opportunities which will change one’s life.  

To take a step forward towards our mission, we have planned to organize a FREE Virtual Counselling Session, which will be conducted by Vidya.Com’s Director Mrs. Ajanta Sinha Roy.  The session would revolve around giving out information regarding “Studying Abroad".

Points to be discussed:

All study related topics are open for discussion. Some of the points which we are planning to discuss are as follows.

1. General information about International Universities – Depending on the country and the  area of study which are the most preferred Universities to choose from.

2. Courses being offered, Eligibility criteria - What are the different courses being offered in different Universities and what is the eligibility criteria needed to be enrolled in the course

3.  Fee structure, Financial requirements, Scholarships

 – Based on the country the financial requirements vary like the show money. Fees charges vary depending on the course and the course level. So our expert counsellors will suggest course based on your budget and financial background. We also provide information on what are the scholarships and part time work opportunities available which can help the student financially.

4. Application process, Letter of recommendation – We address the application process the student has to go through for enrolling in a program or course which again varies with universities and countries. If letters of recommendations are needed then how to obtain them and in what format.

5.  Visa applications and processing - Finally we talk about Visa application for different countries. What is the process involved and fees needed by the different countries.

 6. We will also be addressing any other queries you may have regarding abroad studies.

Some of the countries and its universities to be discussed are:


1. USA

 2.  Canada

 3. France

 4. Australia

5. New Zealand

 6. United Kingdom

 7. Italy

 8. Ireland

9. Germany

10. Spain

11. Hungary

12. Czech

13. Singapore

14. Malaysia

15. Dubai

16. South Korea

  and many more.

Some of popular courses to be discussed:

We will also discuss most of the trending courses and what universities and countries are best for these courses. Why these courses are trending and what are the available job opportunities after doing each of these courses.


Science and Technology studies 

Data Analytics. 

Business Analytics      

Computer Science       






Management Studies     


Supply Chain Logistics 

International and Global management 




Wine management. 

Culinary and Pastry






and several other courses are also to be discussed which may not be trending, but in which the student may be interested.

So if you also want to make your dream a reality, we are here to guide you through the study abroad process. Hope to see you in the session.

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