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Forward Focussed for a Hospitable World

Everything you want to know about studying Culinary, Hospitality, Hotel Management anywhere in the world. Ajanta Sinha Roy, the director of enters into a Zoom session with the aspiring students where she talks about the opportunities for studing  Culinary, Hospitality, Hotel Management in all the countries of the world like Canada, USA, France, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Spain. Singapore and other countries. She will answer all the questions  regarding the eligibility, fees and scholarships for studying in these countries. Depending on your budget, course of interest we will decide or suggest the country, college and the course and do on the spot application. We will also help the deserving candidates to obtain scholarships. Application fees may be waived for most of the colleges if you go through us. 

Why study hospitality and Hotel management

Studying tourism and hospitality management is your ticket to one of the highest growing industries today: According to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism has experienced continued growth and diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world!

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) estimates that 1 of every 10 jobs on the planet are in the hospitality and tourism industry, which also accounts for 1 in 5 of all new jobs created over the last five years. That means there’s plenty of opportunities to create a career in this ever-growing industry.

Hospitality and tourism degrees can specialize in one area of the industry, like sustainable tourism development, or cover a wide range of topics. These can include courses in managementaccountingsales and marketingbusiness administrationproduct designintercultural communication, and much more!

Many programs provide students the opportunity to travel abroad to gain hands-on experience and training in the industry through an internship. Students of hospitality or tourism will often study a modern language in conjunction with their degree to better equip themselves for an international career.

When you study a program in your own country, the content typically focuses on the business side of hospitality management. But, why not challenge yourself and take your passions abroad and set your sights on a brand new set of skills?

By studying abroad, you introduce yourself to a whole new way of life. You will get the chance to experience a new city, a new culture, and most likely a new language. Naturally, such a big change can come with challenges. But, by overcoming them, you learn the skills necessary to excel in your new program before you even hit the books.

According to a broad industry survey, major employers selected what they considered to be the best hospitality and tourism management schools in the world to recruit new talent. Of the top ten schools, seven different countries are represented, including Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates.

By selecting a school abroad, you cultivate a global network of contacts and increase your fluency in cross-cultural communication. You also demonstrate to future employers that you are an innovate individual who is ready to take on a challenge and use the skills you’ve learned to excel in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace.

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