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Excellent opportunity from to earn steady fabulous income

 Dear Friends, Wish all of you to stay healthy, take care of yourself and remain safe in these trying times.

We at Vidya.Com Consultancy Pvt .Ltd. an Overseas Educational Consultancy Company ( are looking to expand our business aggressively. Before the company was mostly concentrating in the West Bengal area. But after the formation of a new affiliate company "Vidya Resource Center" we have started working Pan India. We have adopted a virtual model where our entire counselling and business is done on a web-based online platform and over the phone and Zoom. We have launched this online platform just over 1/2 a year now. Already we have seen a tremendous growth of 500% semi-annually and that too in a pandemic year else our growth would have been higher.

Just wanted to give a brief background about the growth of Overseas studies. It is growing the world over and particularly in India the craze and the need is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Prediction is, it will reach 1/2 a million students going from India this year and it will keep on growing going forward. Though our company's growth has been tremendous after going Pan India and adopting the virtual platform, we still are a small company and that is what we are trying to change fast. Our goal is clear - provide good service, grow fast and work for the society. Our plan is to reach out to enterprising people like you and work together to reach every corner of India for the prospective students. The benefits of this partnership is huge for both of us if done sincerely and honestly. Also it is your choice to do this job on a full time or part time basis. We promise honesty and transparency from our side and this will be evident from the moment you associate with us. 

a) A freelancer directly working with The Freelancer refers students to who do go abroad for higher studies through the company. For the first 5 students, the Freelancer gets Rs 20,000 for each student which is Rs 1,00,000.  For the next 5 it is Rs 25000 for each student or Rs 125000, for the next 5 students the Freelancer gets Rs 30,000 for each student or Rs 150,000 and so on*.
b) As a Manager  or a Lead, managing a team of freelancers
The manager identifies and manages the freelancers and acts as a point of contact for So all the student leads found by the  freelancers of  that  manager comes through the manager to, compensates the manager for each student who does go abroad for higher studies through, the same way as done for a freelancer. So for the first 5 students given, it is Rs 20,000 for each student . Then for the next 5 students, it is Rs 25000 for each and then Rs 30,000 for the next 5 and so on*. If you are the manager then how you distribute the given compensation between yourself and the freelancer will be totally up to you only. So if you are able to create a team of Freelancers with some good networking, the amount of money you can earn is immense.

The time and effort spent by a Freelancer is not much since after referral and registration of the prospective student in our website, all the work is done by the employees of 
Also all the Freelancers will undergo one week of  free orientation and training, conducted virtually from the Kolkata office by the Director herself and other expert counsellors. On completion of the said orientation each Freelancer will get an official designation letter of an Associate of and sign an agreement which will include the compensation structure mentioned above explicitly and other terms and conditions. We will also provide the Freelancers access to the brochures, marketing and other reference materials of

Dear  friends, if you think you can articulate well and have the skill and competency of getting through your message and convincing students, then you can be part of this wonderful partnership . Frankly there are many strong points and USPs of which makes it as the best choice for Overseas Educational Consultancy Company to the student. For example does not charge anything to the student for the entire counselling and no bond or any legal agreement to sign which will bind the student to go through us even after registering with us. We promise and deliver to the student the best return on his/her investment. 
For the other benefits and advantages, please also look at the ones given below.

So friends if you have the talent, this is a golden opportunity which you shouldn't let go off. 

Why choose us at Vidya.Com ?
  • We are the now fastest growing  Overseas Educational Consultancy in India growing at the rate of 500% this year.

  • We are the most affordable and do not charge the student a dime, unless  the student is successfully placed abroad.

  • We assign a dedicated counsellor to each student, to work with him/her and answer all their questions and concerns.

  • Our dedicated student portal for the registered students allows a student to monitor and manage his/her admission and placement process from the comfort of home.

  • We were the first in India to manage the entire admission process on a virtual platform over the web, so no need for you to come to any of our offices.

  • We are available to the student from anywhere at any time, so location is not a concern.

* Terms and conditions apply and the student has to go abroad for higher studies through only.

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