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Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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Why do you have to learn French language to go to France?

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Why do you have to learn French language to go to France?

15-03-2020 04:57:33 pm

Learning a foreign language is as fun as it is essential. The effort put in to learn every alphabet and to pronounce every syllable enhances our listening skills and improves concentration level. In the age of globalization, this proves to be a smart career move for students and professionals who intend to work abroad. It definitely makes your CV look fetching and gives you an edge in the job market.


Why learn French?


French is the world's fifth most widely spoken language, with more than 300 million people worldwide speaking French. It's the second most commonly learned foreign language. The only language, alongside English, that is taught in every country in the world, French courses attract millions of learners across the world. It's a language of art and travel. One cannot experience the enthralling beauty of French culture in all its finery if one doesn't know the language.


Demand in International Market:


As one of the world's biggest economies, France is an attractive destination for foreign investments. Knowledge of French opens the door to an extensive range of career possibilities in France or French-speaking nations allowing you to establish a thriving international career. Also, some of the French universities are ranked among the top institutes in the world. Education in France is highly valued and learning French creates ample opportunities for higher education in France. Owing to its superior research and development opportunities, low tuition fees and pleasant French life, France attracts students the world over.


Course Structure:


The beginner and elementary levels (A1, A2) are most commonly pursued by individuals who wish to study in France or establish a career there. Level A1 (True French Beginner) is for those who're starting from scratch having no prior knowledge of the language. Basic vocabulary and pronunciation of commonly used words are taught in this level. Level A2 (False French Beginner) is a revision course for those who've studied it before but forgot most of it. A2 allows you to recapitulate past lessons so that you can start speaking with confidence once again. 


A structured audio method is more useful than mere booklets or written notes. We, at Yesvidya, emphasize the use of Audio instructions besides books, magazines, and journals. You can complete A1 and A2 levels in French with us from our Kolkata, India office.


Learn French confidently with us at Yesvidya!

Touted as the best overseas consultancy in Kolkata, we at Yesvidya understand the importance of foreign language training in carving out a brighter future for students and professionals. Our Yesvidya team of dedicated and experienced French and other foreign language trainers evaluates the learning graph of each student, helping them overcome challenging situations. The course fee for learning the French language at Yesvidya is quite reasonable compared to many other similar institutes. Interestingly, after course completion, our students at Yesvidya emerge as confident and self-assured individuals. And why not? Learning a foreign language is an accomplishment like no other!

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