Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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What is Vidya Resource Centre?

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What is Vidya Resource Centre?

15-03-2020 09:50:31 pm

Once you have graduated from high school, some of the basic thoughts that can come in your mind are pursuing higher education and where you need to go for that. Several entrance exams and the variety of courses available now can create confusion in you and your parents. Being a student is not easy, and nor does choosing an appropriate course come as an easy decision. The course that you select after school becomes a lifetime choice. When you decide to move abroad for college, thoughts about finance and your education begin to weigh you down. This is where the role of a good and understanding study abroad consultancy becomes important. 


Why choose Vidya Resource Centre? 


At Yesvidya, we have a student-friendly atmosphere for students to feel free to address their queries. Being one of the best overseas consultancies in Kolkata, we have always addressed any major or minor query that a parent or student can come up with. We provide answers to every issue surrounding how you can finance your stay in a different country and what courses will suit the major subject that you choose. At Yesvidya, we have experienced counselors who are professionals understanding the psychology of students. We understand the anxiety that both parents and students experience during this period, and provide care and assistance in the according to manner. 


What major utilities does Vidya Resource Centre provide?


Education in the US and other foreign countries do not come in an inexpensive or easy manner. At Yesvidya, we teach techniques by way of which you can score high marks in the IELTS and TOEFL exams. These are the English Language Proficiency tests to assure your admission to the best foreign universities. We also provide information on how your curriculum vitae can be made impressive so that getting admittance in any of the top varsities becomes an easier task for the student. What’s more? The proficiency tests like GRE, TOEFL and GMAT with us are extremely affordable as well. 

At Yesvidya, we have repeatedly provided some of the best education consultants in Kolkata and our students have successfully secured admission in the top universities abroad. They have also secured scholarships and financial aids through the guidance of our counselors at Yesvidya. Opt for our services and get assured entry in the best universities abroad with assistance from the best counselors in Kolkata.

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