Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

Seminar in Colleges Organized by Vidya for future career prospects. To know more-Contact Us 

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The Most In-Demand MBA Specializations To Opt For

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The Most In-Demand MBA Specializations To Opt For

14-01-2020 05:36:47 pm

The Masters In Business Administration is a postgraduate course for students looking to learn more about how to enhance their administrative skills in the corporate world. One of the salient reasons that an MBA degree is highly sought-after is because of the high paying jobs it fetches. 

Many Indians today are flocking for education overseas to achieve an MBA from reputed universities and business schools across the globe. These B schools not only give them an in-depth education but also exposes them to the inner workings of a corporate organization.

Some of the salient factors in deciding the area of MBA specialization should be the teaching faculty, rankings of the business schools or universities, and the culture of the university for anyone looking to pursue overseas education. 

Initially, when a student pursues an MBA, the initial years are spent on building the foundation. After that, a student is required to choose a specialization. Though there is a wide gamut of MBA specializations to choose from, some of them are more in-demand than their counterparts. 

  1. General Management - Of all the specializations, General Management has consistently performed well. Here a student will learn a wide variety of managerial skills that can be applied to organizations in any industry for e.g., marketing, finance, human resources, systems and UX.

  2. Marketing - Even before the inception of the degree of MBA, Marketing was always a sought-after degree. After all, the goal of any business, big or small, is to sell its products or services. And a viable way to have increased sales is to market the products/services.
    However, today, marketing tactics have grown exponentially. Students pursuing MBA in Marketing overseas are taught to create a niche market for the product. Not only that, students are taught to do in-depth market analysis, research to study consumer behavior, competitor analysis, branding and its management, and also sales and distribution. 
    An MBA education also enhances a student’s interpersonal communication skills as one needs to be in constant communication with clients. Today, there are high-paying job roles such as content marketing manager, digital marketing manager, development manager giving a lot of scope to students to pursue. 

  3. Finance - A very popular and viable MBA option for education abroad is finance. Every company wants to earn and grow its revenue and revenue means money. And experts are needed to manage and grow that money. If a student is strong in mathematics, one can easily sail through an MBA in finance.
    With knowledge in finance, a student can acquire a top-level managerial position through acquiring a financial degree abroad. 

  4. Entrepreneurship - Today, the only priority of a student is not to earn high-paying salary for a corporate job. Many students seek to start their own companies and startups. An MBA education acquired overseas equips students to learn the ropes of Business. Such courses offer critical management and business development to help grow and manage a startup. 

  5. Human Resources - A fundamental part of any organization is the Human Resources Department because it manages the most important resource of a company - its employees. This makes MBA in Human Resources a very sought-after specialization. The job role of an HR Manager is to take care of recruitment, create job profiling, keep employees motivated, create a safe and healthy work environment for employees, look after compensations, maintain a balanced relationship between employees and managers

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