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Seven Mandatory Documents Needed For Overseas Education

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Seven Mandatory Documents Needed For Overseas Education

20-01-2020 02:48:07 pm

So, you have decided to pursue your higher education abroad? Wonderful news! Studying overseas teaches an individual to be extremely responsible and meticulous. Once you’re studying abroad, you are your own parent and guardian. Not only do you have to cook, clean and live alone, you also need to manage all your important documents as well as finances all by yourself!

At Yes Vidya, an overseas education consultancy in Kolkata, we understand that there are many small steps that go in to make your education abroad a success. One of these steps is the successful filling up of your application form. And, to fill your application form accurately and within the stipulated deadlines set by universities, it is essential that you have the right set of documents within your reach. 

Here are seven mandatory documents needed for overseas education:

  1. Passport - This is one of the most salient documents that you’ll need to study overseas. Without a passport, your dream of pursuing an education abroad will remain just that - a dream. To make it a reality, make sure you have an updated passport with you. 

  2. Application Form - If your college or school abroad requires you to fill up an online form, ensure to check all the fields prior to submission online. Ask another person, preferably a parent, to double-check the form to make sure no necessary areas have gone unfilled. 

  3. Certificates - Most application forms require you to submit soft copies of your certificates. So, ensure that you have the soft copies as well as photocopies to supplement your application form. Some of the essential certificates would be your secondary and higher secondary mark sheets and pass certificates from your school. If you’re going for higher education like your Masters or Ph.D., keep your latest education certificates and mark sheets handy.

  4. Scorecard of Competitive Exams - As you’re well aware by now, to get into any foreign school you need to appear for some competitive exams. This is especially applicable if English is not your first language. Some of these exams are IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc. This scorecard is very important because it comes with validity. Ensure that when you submit it to the university it is still valid.

  5. Statement of Purpose - A Statement of Purpose (SOP) explains the university all about you, why you want to apply to the particular university, what is your career path, what you plan to do with the degree that you pursue, etc. Most universities do not have the time to interview each and every student, hence, your SOP acts as your biodata. Make as many people read your SOP so that they may give their unbiased opinion.

  6. Letter of Recommendation - Letters of Recommendation allow a university to know what your teachers and guides think about you. A letter of recommendation is a letter that recommends you to that university. Ensure to ask from your teachers who you’re sure will give you a glowing review.

  7. Resume - If you’re applying to study abroad just after passing out of school, you won’t have much to write on your resume. However, it is always wise to have one. Ensure to add details such as your qualifications, extracurricular activities, projects, etc. If you have interned at a firm and garnered some experience, make sure to not miss out on that detail!

Re-check all your documents before applying for your dream university. Keep extra attested photocopies of your documents in a folder for quick access. Keep passport and stamp-sized photographs for your application process. If you have any doubts or aren’t sure what necessary documents are needed for your application process, consult our Yes Vidya education consultants today. We are just a phone call away from you!

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